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Hair Care

At this time there will be an additional $10 added to each appointment

We proudly offer Evo and Onesta organic shampoos and styling products, in addition to standard treatments. We use the low-ammonia Italy hair color line, or the Alterego techno colors by special order for PPD sensitive clients

Women's Haircut             $70

Men's Haircut                  $55

Child's Haircut                 $35  


Hair Color                        $80+

Partial Foil                        $130+ 

Full Foil                             $170 +


Ombre                              $170+  

Balayage                          $170+  

Bright Colors                    $125+

Please note that all listed prices for color are base rates. Prices may increase depending on a variety of factors. For an exact price quote, please schedule a consulation.  Appointments for bright colors require free consultation first.  


Updo                                  $65 

Blowout                              $50

Conditioning Treatment      $3


Color Correction           

Starts at $200. Requires free consultatio

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