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Covid 19 Procedures

Appointments are scheduled (no walkins) with an included 15 minute sanitation period, please arrive promptly, and do not enter the salon until directed.

Masks are required, your temperature will be taken upon entering and you will then be directed to the washroom to wash your hands.

I will wear a fresh mask, surgical scrub top and gloves for each client, and a face shield when necessary. Each client will be draped in a fresh cape.  for services requiring a shampoo the clints face will be covered with a clean towel for the duration of the shampoo/conditioning. Blow drying will not be included with services unless it a necessary step in the performace of theservice. All reusable soft goods will be deposited into a closed hamper for laundering, all tools and equipment (except electrical tools) will cleaned and disinfected in a 3 stage proccess: soap and water, barbicide and UVC sterilizer. electrical equipment will be sprayed or wiped with a certified disinfectant followed by the UVC sterilizer.

At the end of your service only credit and debit cards will be accepted at this time, and there will be a 10 dollar sanitization charge added to each appointment, I will have dedicated devices for payment that will be UVC sterilized before and after each use.

Each satation will be wiped down with disinfectant following use.  all door knobs and bathroom touch areas will also be wiped with disinfectant

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